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Your Checklist to the Most Organised House Move

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Moving house regularly tops the list of most stressful life events. While no one can promise a completely hassle-free move, there are simple steps you can follow to make it seem easier. Sometimes it’s about avoiding common pitfalls, other times it’s just knowing what to do and when to do it. If you’ve signed the contracts, congratulations – the house is officially yours! Now it’s time to prep your home for the big day.


Having helped thousands of people move home, we’ve created a checklist for the most organised house move based on our industry experience.


Triple check the moving date


Make sure you’ve got the right date in your diary. It’s also important to have an arrangement for handing over the keys.


Shop around for a removal company


If time isn’t of the essence, it’s worth shopping around. We don’t just mean pick the cheapest quote, either. Take a look at the level of service they provide and don’t forget to check those all-important customer ratings.


Get your free, no-obligation removal quote from Reads Removals.


Get self-storage if you need it


Look at the storage directories to find a suitable unit for any excess belongings that you don’t want to take to your new accommodation. Many removal companies, including us here at Reads Removals, can help you with self-storage.


Arrange insurance


It’s important to arrange insurance for all your items in transit. You may also need insurance for valuables placed in self-storage if this isn’t covered by your home insurance policy.




Now is an ideal time to finally get rid of all those items that have been abandoned in the attic. Whether you want to donate to a charity shop, pass on to a friend or sell at a car boot – it’s up to you.


Get packing


  • Get all the packing materials you need OR ask your removal company about their comprehensive packing and unpacking service.
  • Have an essentials bag with items you need on the day you move (toiletries, bedding, phone and charger, etc)
  • Pack private documents and valuables such as jewellery, money and trinkets securely.
  • Tackle one room at a time, labelling each box clearly as you go
  • Don’t forget the attic, garden shed, cellar and garage (everything must go with you unless you’ve agreed with the new owner to leave it behind)
  • Dismantle shelves and furniture


Update relevant parties with your new address


We created a separate checklist for all contacts you should update of your new address. If you need more time, you can always organise a post redirection service with the Royal Mail.


Clean your home


If you’re taking the freezer with you, you will need to defrost it ahead of time. It can be worth giving your over a deep clean too. The kitchen should be completely empty of food.


In the days running up to your move, you should give your floors a quick hoover and mow the lawn. These are simple things you can do to make sure the property is left in a good condition.


Don’t forget to lock all your windows and doors, switch off all electrics and take note of your meter readings.


Visit your new neighbourhood


If you can, it’s nice to visit your new neighbourhood. Getting to know the new surroundings and where all the essential amenities are before you move will make the big day seem less daunting. If you’re moving with younger children, we have a separate guide that’s worth a read.


We hope this checklist will help bring clarity to your house move. Contact Reads Removals today to discuss your moving requirements. We are a leading removals Peterborough company that provides moves across the UK and to key destinations across Europe.

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