Whether you’re in need of long or short-term storage for your items, Reads Removals have the ideal storage solution for you. Depending on your requirements, we offer a high-quality range of purpose-built storage containers which will ensure your possessions are stored in a safe, secure and hygienic space.

Our experienced team will ensure that your items are handled with care within our high-security storage facility.

Our storage services include:

  • Document storage to help with important document archiving
  • Naturally ventilated wooden container storage
  • Steel containers with a door and padlock system for on-site self-storage
  • Space for large items, such as cars, boats and sheds
  • Flexibility to fit your requirements
  • Delivery of large wooden storage containers to your doorstep where they will be loaded directly to avoid double handling and reduce the risk of damage

For those of you returning to the UK, our store in Grantham is approved by HM Customs, which means we can hold the shipment under “bond” until cleared if directed to do so by customs. As such, we can keep control in our warehouse without the need for inspection at the port or a third party broker being involved.

If you’re located within the Cambridge, Peterborough or Northampton areas and wish to inquire about our reliable storage services, don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our friendly team members today.