Moving to Germany from UK: Removals

Congratulations! You’ve officially decided to set up a new life for yourself in Germany. This will be an exciting new chapter for you and your family, so don’t let your enthusiasm be overshadowed by the stress and uncertainty of relocating. Reads Removals has played a part in many customer journeys over the last 90 years and knows how to handle migrations big and small. We can help you move from the West Midlands to Germany quickly and conveniently, so you can enjoy the hassle-free, smooth transition you deserve on the way to your new home.

Request a quote today to see how we can help you move to Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne from the West Midlands. We offer competitive door-to-door rates and will do the wrapping, packing, shipping and delivery of your belongings for you; we’ll even provide the boxes and styrofoam! Our personal care and service have earned us a 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot, and we’re proud to call ourselves a British Association of Removers (BAR) approved partner. Book your removals to Germany with us and let’s begin your next great adventure!

Our Removals to Germany Process

Moving to Germany from the UK doesn’t have to be daunting. At Reads Removals, we take the weight of relocating off your shoulders, so you can focus on settling into your new home. We take the time to discuss your budget beforehand so we can organise transportation that fits within it. Whether you’re travelling to Germany by air, land or sea, we’ll track and update you on the location of your belongings so you don’t have to worry about them not arriving on time. We can even ship your car over with your belongings if you give us your car’s make, model and destination.

Our removals to Germany team leaves no stone left unturned, whether we’re organising your essential paperwork, submitting parking permits or helping you apply for a visa. Because the UK has officially left the European Union, we’ll help you apply for and secure the Schengen visa needed to relocate to the EU and Germany.

Once your belongings arrive safely in Germany, our fleet will collect your items and bring them to a safe and secure storage facility that’s monitored by CCTV until our vans come to collect them on move-in day. Each box will be inventoried and checked prior to removal for your peace of mind. Our team of removals experts knows everything there is to know about the German way of life, so contact us with any questions or concerns today. We’re here to help!

Things to Know About Germany


German culture can be very different to parts of the UK, as they are well known for being stereotypically orderly. But as one of the cleanest countries in the EU, Germany has a diverse landscape with a surprising amount of festivals and community gatherings.

As such a sociable nation eating out can be far less expensive than the UK, and many Germans will eat out regularly because of this.

The philosophy of Germany is very much a ‘work hard, play hard’ stance, so while at first it may appear a little restrictive, there is a lot of time designated to celebration.

Many of the similar traditions we uphold here in the UK are also relevant to Germany, with Christmas and Easter celebrated in the same way.


With a strong dialect it may be useful to learn the German language to help you integrate into the community.

Although many Germans are taught English and will be able to translate for you, it is respectful to attempt to learn the language and show your appreciation for the nation which you now call home.

There are many free online courses now available, but once there you may find it more helpful to find a native German teacher so that you can understand the words and how they should be spoken.


If you’re looking to set-up a bank account in Germany, you will need to prove your residency, which can come in the form of a document with your registered address.

It is a mandatory requirement that you register at the local Einwohnermeldeamt (registration office) within your first week of arriving in Germany as this will provide you with a passport, proof of address, marriage certificate and income tax card. There may be a small fee involved in gaining these documents so it is best to ensure you research this as these items will be essential for setting up a bank account and processing any financial transactions whilst you’re in the country.


The rate at which you find employment in Germany will depend entirely on the skills and qualifications that you hold. The job market in Germany is very competitive but luckily you do not need to apply for a work permit to take up employment as they are part of the EU.

On average the working week is 38 hours which can often be overwhelming, especially as many German businesses have to abide by strict regulations


If you’re moving your family to Germany, education will be a top priority, but you can feel reassured that the German education system produces high performing students. Although most schools teach in German, there are some schools that teach lessons in English.

Germany’s international schools are well known for their modern approach to education so may often command high fees.


Germany is often said to be the place to live if you love driving.

With its toll-free no-limit autobahns, your UK licence is still valid for you to enjoy some driving freedom. If you decide to take your existing car over to Germany you will not need to immediately register it, but after one year the vehicle will become liable for German registration.

With the weather conditions in Germany you are more likely to experience snow, and due to this it is law that all cars and motorbikes are fitted with winter tyres when conditions are snowy.

Home Life

Germans take great pride in their community and you will be expected to withhold the high standards of living.
It is commonplace for many German families to live in apartments, and if you decide to take residence in an apartment block you may be expected to contribute to the upkeep of the communal areas.

You may also come across restrictions in your neighbourhood as there are specified times in which loud music can be played.

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