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One of the most culturally-admired cities in Europe, if not the world, Berlin is a joy to spend any amount of time in, let alone the rest of your life. Its status as the capital city of Germany and subsequent importance within the financial world means that plenty of people are moving to Berlin from UK, for both professional and personal reasons. If you’re moving from the West Midlands to Berlin, then get in contact with Reads Removals today.

Our 90 years of industry experience means that we can help prepare your removals to Berlin with ease and efficiency. No relocation is too big for our expert team, who have a wealth of European removals knowledge and a fleet of 25 vehicles at their disposal.

Whichever Berlin district you’re planning on moving to, you know that you’ll have to transport all of your possessions there as well – it’s more of a hassle to sell your things and buy new versions of them than it is to transport them to your new home.

About Berlin

Situated in the heart of the German North Plain, Berlin is the capital city of Germany and considered an exciting place to live and work. With key tourist attractions including the Reichstag and the Berlin Wall Memorial, the city offers a wealth of history and culture. The city’s many opportunities, laid-back attitude, and modern lifestyle makes this an attractive place for Britons to call their home. 

Popular areas for Britons to move to in Berlin include Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Neukölln. 

Germany is a vibrant, modern country that boasts a great standard of living and a beautifully varied landscape. From magical woodlands, to bustling cities, there’s something for everyone.

Removals Services to Berlin

The professional team at Reads Removals offer a competitively priced and hassle-free removals service to Berlin from all over the UK, including the West Midlands.

Our service include:

  • Safe and secure packing of all your possessions and a full inventory of your boxes
  • Transporting of boxes and crates to and from delivery terminals
  • Shipping – including vehicles 
  • We’ll even sort out customs arrangements and unpack all your items in your new home
  • Our professional services are suitable for both commercial and residential removals

Our professional team aims to make the entire removals process stress-free, and we’re happy to tailor our service to suit your needs. Get in touch for a free no-obligation quote today.

Reasons to Relocate to Berlin with Reads Removals

  • Over 90 years of experience
  • Competitive door-to-door rates
  • 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot
  • British Association of Removers (BAR) approved partner 
  • Stress-free, tailored service to suit you
  • Safe and secure removals
  • Corporate and residential 
  • Fully insured

Relocating from West Midlands to Berlin – What You Need to Know:

Aside from learning about Berlin’s exciting culture and brushing up on your German, there are a number of essential administrative processes to think about before you move.


There are two types of Visa you need to know about if you’re moving to Berlin from the UK – the Schengen Visa and Residence Permit Visa.

    • The Schengen Visa is suitable for up to 90 days in the EU.
    • However, if you are planning to live in Germany, or other parts of the EU, for more than 90 days, you will need a Residence Permit Visa. You can apply for this through the German Embassy.

Work Permits:

You currently don’t need a work permit if you’re moving to Berlin from the UK. However, this may change once Brexit comes into effect. 

Importation Limits and Restrictions:

There are a number of importation limits and restrictions to consider if you’re relocating to Germany from the UK. To ensure you’re on the right side of the law and that all your belongings arrive without delay, it’s important to know what you can and can’t import.  

Here are some of the key things to consider:

  • If you have cash or assets worth more than €10,000, you must declare them to the German customs office. 
  • To avoid paying import duties on furniture and household goods, you must: be planning to take up official residence in the country, have owned the items for a minimum of six months, and have lived in the UK for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.
  • You may need to pay duty for alcohol and cigarettes if they exceed a certain volume or quantity.
  • If you’re transporting a pet to Berlin, you will need to check you have the right paperwork and that your pet has received all the required vaccinations.
  • There is an importation ban on illegal drugs, weapons, pornography, or anything that’s unconstitutional, such as pro-Nazi material. There is also an importing ban on some animals, such as the Staffordhire bull terrier and pit bull terrier. 

Living in Berlin

Once you’ve arrived in Berlin there are a few things to get sorted so you can fully integrate as a new resident. Aside from enjoying the sights and sounds of the city, here are a few things to do once you’ve moved into your new home:

  • Register at the local Einwohnermeldeamt (registration office) –
    This is a mandatory requirement which you should do within your first week of arriving in Berlin. This will provide you with a passport, proof of address, marriage certificate, and income tax card, which are essential for setting up a bank account and processing financial transactions.
  • Set up a German bank account –
    This will enable you to get paid by your employer.
  • Register with a health insurer to get access to healthcare.
  • If you have children you will need to enrol them with a school – in Germany it is compulsory for all 6 to 15-year-olds to attend school.
  • If you take your existing car to Berlin you will need to register it and switch to a German driving licence within six months of arriving.

Once you’re all set, you can relax and begin your new life in Berlin. 

If you’re looking to move from the West Midlands to Berlin, give us a call today to discuss your upcoming adventure.


What happens when I contact you for a removals quote?

When you contact us for a quote, our friendly team can arrange a suitable date for one of our local surveyors to visit your property. This will be to assess your requirements and how much they will cost. This is a full, free, and no-obligation quote.

Can you track my belongings when they’re in transit to Berlin?

Whether they’re travelling by land or sea, we’ll track and regularly update you on the location of your belongings.

Do you offer a door-to-door removals service?

Yes, we do! Whichever part of the UK or Berlin you are moving to, we can get your belongings safely and securely from your old home to your new one. We’ll even pack and unpack if you need us to. 

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  • Careful handling of all possessions
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