Cover Policy

Our removals cover provides you with the peace of mind that your property will be comprehensively protected throughout the entire moving process.
Here at Reads Removals, we understand that when you’re moving home, you need a reliable, professional and friendly approach from your removals provider. That’s why our team will work with you from the initial survey of your home to the completion of your move, making sure we take care of every aspect of your requirements and provide a completely stress-free service.

To support our removals services we offer all our removals customers Standard Liability with us. Limited Liability is available as an option but this will only be suitable for you if you have your own insurance cover.

Although we take every possible precaution to minimise risk to your belongings, home removals cover is essential for house moves.

As a Standard Liability customer, you can rest assured that you are protected even if things go wrong that are not Reads fault.

If you are relocating or thinking of moving abroad get in touch for further information.

What value of goods am I covered for?

“ Every customer is covered up to £25,000 – unless more is required. ”

Every customer of Reads Removals is covered up to the value of £25,000.00 in goods. This is shown in every quotation. If you have a greater value of goods than stated
Reads Removals – Value of Goods Cover above we offer a higher value of goods cover of up to £50,000.00 This is further shown on your unique quotation. This is charged by £2.00 per additional £1000 of value.

If your value of goods exceeds £50,000.00 please contact Reads Removals to arrange suitable cover for the value of your goods.

For more information please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions, which is included in your quotation, or contact us directly.

What do I do if something is damaged or wrong?

If something has gone wrong or isn’t how it should be. Please contact us directly. We will try everything we can to resolve the issue with you, as we pride ourselves of our standards. We fully understand that things can go wrong and we hope to make sure that anything that hasn’t been to your satisfaction is resolved as soon as possible.

For claims regarding your goods, we must receive a written claim within 7 days, either by email or post.

This must include reference to the damages or losses that have occurred, photos of the damages and the correct contact information.

After a written claim has been received you will get a corresponding email or letter to confirm that your claim has been received.

This corresponding email or letter will include a claims form that must be completed and returned to us for onward transmission to our insurance provider Basil Fry & Company for handling by their claims division at RCS.

For more information regarding your cover, please don’t hesitate to contact us.