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Checklist: Who Should You Notify When You Move House?

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So, you’re finally moving house. Congratulations! Now all you need to do is unpack, make this new space feel like home, and let all your essential contacts know your new address. Once you start thinking about all the people you need to notify of your change in address, it can feel overwhelming.


Most likely, you’re worrying about missing someone important off the list – like your car insurance provider. To make notifying the right people when you move house that little bit easier, we’ve created a handy checklist below.


Nearest and dearest

Friends, family and old neighbours


Health services

GP surgery, dentist, optician, vet


Utility providers

Gas, electric, water, broadband, phone line

TV licence


Local authority

Council tax address
Electoral roll



Bank, building society, premium bonds
Loan company / mortgage provider
ALL insurance providers



Income tax, national insurance, state pension, tax credits and child benefits (where applicable)


Work and education

Your employer and pension provider
School, university or other educational establishment (where applicable)


Vehicle administration

Driver’s licence
Car insurance provider
Vehicle breakdown cover



Accountant, bookkeeper, financial advisor
Gardener, cleaner, window cleaner


Shopping and subscriptions

Any companies that regularly deliver products or marketing communications
Online accounts with companies – be wary of one-click purchases such as with Amazon. Make sure you’ve deleted your old address from your account and added your new one.


If your head is starting to spin with the relatively long list of contacts that need your change of address, there’s no need to worry. Luckily Royal Mail provides a redirect service which means any correspondence will be sent to your new abode even if you haven’t had time to update all your addresses. There is a charge for this service but it can help to ease some of the stress that comes with moving house.


There are some services or subscriptions that you may want to cancel in which case you won’t need to update your address.


If you’re looking for a home removal company that’s dedicated to providing a hassle-free service, Reads Removals are on hand to help. We’ve successfully helped thousands of families and individuals move across the UK and abroad. To make an enquiry, fill out our quick online contact form or give our friendly team a call. We look forward to helping you move.

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