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Advice For Moving With Kids For A Drama-Free House Move

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Moving day can be a dizzyingly stressful ordeal for anyone, and if you have children in tow it can certainly add another frazzling factor into the mix. However, we’ve got some advice for moving with kids to help you handle your moving day like a pro.


Provide them with distractions

From games consoles and films, to puzzle books and novels, there’s no end of easy distractions to provide the kids whilst you’re wrapping up the final stages of your house move. This will keep them out of the way and occupied, so you can get on with packing up the final items.


Get the kids involved

Alternatively, if your children are a little older, you might want to get them involved with the move. From packing their belongings to labelling some boxes, getting the kids to help out could help lessen the workload for you and make them feel more included in the moving process.


Long journey? Keep them entertained

Providing distractions and entertainment can really help make a long journey seem a little less boring. From traditional games of ‘I spy’ to listening to your favourite family albums, there are plenty of ways to keep the children entertained on a long journey.


Research schools

Something to do ahead of your moving day is to research local schools, especially if you’re moving during term time when they should be in attendance. Although, we recommend orchestrating the move during a holiday period such as the summer holidays, we realise that house moves don’t always give you much of a say on when you move.


However, starting at a new school mid-way through a term can come with teething problems. To avoid any issues, you can always contact the school ahead of time to discuss how they can help your children settle into their new environment and get them on track to complete the term with flying colours.


Visit the new area with your children before you move

If possible, it can be helpful to introduce the new area to your children before you move. This could help them to visualise their new life and make the prospect seem more real. You can point out some key features of the city or town that you think they will appreciate.


It’s important to discuss the move with your children. They may be excited and raring to go, or they may be a little anxious and worried about leaving familiar surroundings and friends behind. Either way, discussing what the move will involve and talking through any worries they’re having can be a great way to help them adjust to this big life change.


Follow these tips and we’re confident you can have a house move that’s free of drama and waterworks both for you and your kids. Now all that’s left to do is book a friendly and reputable removal company.


As one of the leading removal firms based in Cambridgeshire, Reads Removals can help get you moving and our friendly team are dedicated to making the process as stress-free as possible. Contact us today for a free quote.

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