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Advice For Moving House With Pets: Top 5 Tips

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Do you have a cat or dog that you’ll be taking to your new home? Not sure how to keep them safe and comfortable during this transition? No worries, at Reads Removals we’re offering our top 5 tips for moving house with pets to ensure everything runs smoothly and to help them settle into your new abode.


1. Maintain a normal routine

While many of your usual routines are likely to go out the window when you’re moving house, it can be really beneficial for your cat or dog if you create a feeling of normality. One way you can do this is make sure their feeding times or walks are given at the regular times. If you think it will help, you could put some reminders on your phone. 


2. Find a safe space

If you don’t want your pet getting in the way or escaping among all the chaos of move-out day we can recommend designating a safe and secure space to keep them while all your furniture and belongings are being packed and moved. If you have a dog you may even be better off leaving it with someone else while you clear out the house. 


3. Use pheromone products and scent

The perfect way to keep cats calm and relaxed when you’re packing up to leave, a pheromone plug-in-diffuser releases scent which they associate with feeling secure. Simply plug this in the day before you’re ready to move and things should run a little smoothly for both you and your cat. 

Once you’ve arrived placing your cat or dog’s favourite blankets and toys around the new house will help them to feel more at home. 


4. Book an appointment with your local vet

While our tips will help to minimise the impacts of moving house on your pet, it may be worth consulting your local vet as they have the expert knowledge to ensure that you handle the move in the best way possible for your pet. This is especially true of cats as they can be sensitive to change and find it difficult to adjust to new surroundings. They will be able to give specific tips on how to transport your cat and help them adjust to their new surroundings. 


5. Travelling abroad

If you’re transporting your pet abroad you will need to get a pet passport from your vet’s and you should check that your pet is permitted to travel and enter the country you are going to. There are some importing restrictions and bans for certain animal breeds, so it’s important to check.


For more advice on how to move house with your pet, you can visit the Vets4Pets website


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