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How Do Removal Companies Quote?

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In this guide we’re looking at the key factors that removal companies consider to give you a quote.


  • The volume of contents

The volume of contents you want to remove will have the biggest impact on your removal quote. The bigger the volume, the more removal vans and team members will be required to get the job done efficiently. Moving the contents of a mansion will also take far more time than a one-bed bungalow for instance. In business, time = money, so your quote will also bear in mind the estimated time it will take a removal company to complete your move.

  • The distance

If you’re just moving down the road, your removal quote will be a lot lighter than if you’re moving across the country or abroad. International removals can also come with lots of added extras, such as vehicle shipping and assistance with paperwork, which can bump up the price of your quote.

  • The extras

Do you want packaging materials or a full packing and unpacking service? The extra services will be added onto your quote.

There may be cancellation costs should you cancel or delay your removal last-minute. You should discuss these beforehand so you don’t get any unexpected fees.


How to get a moving quote?

Getting a moving quote may vary from company to company. But with most removal companies it should be clear on their website how to get in touch for a quote. Most of the time this will involve giving them a call or filling out a contact form. Getting a removal quote should be free – be wary of any companies that want you to pay anything before you receive a quote.

Getting a quote with Reads Removals couldn’t be easier. Simply fill out our quick Request a Quote form telling us how large your property is and a few basic details about your move. To discuss your requirements in more detail, we will give you a call. You can even send us a video of your property and your contents to help us provide an accurate, competitive quote.


Important tips for getting a removal quote:

  • It’s useful to ask for a full breakdown of your quote so you can keep track of exactly what you’re being billed for.
  • Remember, if you’re moving abroad, you should ask whether the company can keep your costs down by combining loads – it’s a handy trick to save you that little extra cash, and it’s a more eco-friendly way to move too.
  • Don’t pay any cash upfront – getting a removal quote should be free and there should be no obligation for you to go ahead.
  • Shop around for competitive prices. But remember, it’s not just about how cheap the quote is, it’s about how much is included and how reliable the service and company is.
  • Remember to ask about cancellation or rescheduling fees, in case your move doesn’t go as planned.


If you’re in need of a removal quote contact Reads Removals or fill out our form today.

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