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Picking The Right Company For Your House Removals

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If you’re moving house your head is probably spinning with how many hoops you need to jump through and all the things you need to organise to make it happen. One important consideration is picking the right company for your house removals.


We’ve all heard stories of people being let down by a removal company on the day of their removal or personal belongings not being handled with the care and attention that they should be. That’s why it’s worth doing a little research to make sure you’re not only choosing a reputable company that has high customer service standards, but that you’re also choosing a removals service that works for your unique house-moving requirements.


How To Choose The Right Removal Company For The Job?

Below we’ve listed a few questions to research to help you find a good removal company for your house move.


  • Do they offer a flexible service?

Even if you’re able to book your initial removals during business hours, sometimes it’s worth checking how flexible they are with last-minute changes and whether they can offer out-of-hours removals should plans change when it gets closer to your moving day.


  • What are their customer ratings?

Customers are the best people to listen to when it comes to deciding whether a removals company is a good choice or not. If their reviews are riddled with low-star ratings or negative comments then you probably want to give that company a wide berth. However, if they have plenty of official and impartial reviews that are positive then you’ve probably found yourself a reputable removals company.


  • Have they received any awards or accreditations?

Awards and accreditations are sure-fire indicators that the removal company in question not only offers a legitimate service but also provides a high standard for their customers


  • Are they local?

Choosing a local company may mean they are more reliable as they are not having to travel so far to reach your home. They will also have a better bearing of the local roads so will know the quickest route to your new abode.


  • Are their prices competitive?

While picking the right removal company is not just about how cheap their quote is, you want to know that the price is competitive. A good company should offer a free, no-obligation quote and should be able to break down exactly what their quote covers.


  • Do they offer the service you require?

This question might seem obvious, but to pick the right removals company it can certainly help to list some of your essential requirements. You can then cross-reference these criteria on their website or over the phone. For instance, you might be looking for a long-distance removal that takes you from the UK to Europe or you may want to check that insurance is included – this is all important to ensure you’re choosing the right removals company for the job.


Now we’ve listed our top questions to research about removals companies to pick the right one, we hope that this will help you narrow down your search and lead to a smooth, hassle-free moving day.


If you’re searching for removal companies Stamford, Reads Removals are the trusted local removals team. We’ve helped thousands of families, couples, individuals and businesses move to and from Stamford. Contact us today to see how we can help.


Alternatively, if you are based in the East Midlands area, our experienced Lincoln Removals and Newark-On-Trent Removals teams are also happy to help assist you with your move.

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