Top 10 Reasons to Move to Peterborough

Peterborough is a small but rapidly growing city situated in the East of England. If you’re considering moving to Peterborough and wondering whether it’s a good place to live, or has everything to suit your lifestyle, we’ve listed the top 10 reasons you might want to move to the city.

1. Peterborough Cathedral

Explore and marvel at one of England’s finest Norman cathedrals. Whether you want to attend regular church services, enjoy a sightseeing tour, or just take a selfie by its gothic facade, Peterborough Cathedral is one of the key attractions of the city. 

2. Transport Links

Peterborough has excellent transport links to other cities, including Cambridge and London. However, as Peterborough is a smaller city, it has all the amenities you need while also being closer to nature…

3. The Fens

Peterborough is situated by the Fens – a flat, marshy landscape that stretches from Lincoln to Cambridge. As this landscape is so flat it makes a great spot for walking and cycling. With tranquil nature reserves dotted throughout, they are also a great place for bird-watching and reconnecting with nature.

4. Fen Flag Archaeological Park

A key tourist attraction, Flag Fen Archaeology Park is a replica of a Bronze Age village that allows you to delve back in time and see how our ancestors lived 3000 years ago.

5. Queensgate Shopping Centre

In the heart of the city is Queensgate Shopping Centre, home to all your favourite high-street stores if you fancy a bit of retail therapy. 

6. Burghley House

One of the grandest surviving houses of the Elizabethan period, Burghley House is an exceptional tourist attraction that’s only a short drive away in Stamford. 

7. Ferry Meadows

Whether you enjoy nature walks all year round or want to try wild swimming or paddleboarding in the summer, Ferry Meadows is a large country park just outside the city centre that offers loads of fun outdoor activities.

8. Key Theatre and East of England Arena and Events Centre

For all your live entertainment needs, Key Theatre and the East of England Arena and Events Centre are fantastic modern venues which are easily accessible from the city centre.

9. Food and Drink

Peterborough offers an excellent choice of both chain and independent cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars, so you can wind down with a drink after a day at work or catch up with your friends and family at the weekend.

10. House Prices

According to Rightmove, properties in Peterborough were on the market for an average price of £208,493 in 2019 and sale prices have seen a steady increase. 

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