Home Removal Insurance: Should You Cover Items in Transit?

When you’re moving home, it could be easy to overlook the small matter of getting insurance for your personal items while they’re in transit. You may assume that this is already covered with your house insurance policy. However, that’s not necessarily the case. You should check the terms of your contract to see whether items in transit or storage outside your home are included.

Is it worth the extra expense?

You may also wonder whether it’s worth the extra expense. Moving insurance is optional, after all. We say it depends on the quantity and value of your items that are in transit. If you could easily replace everything, and it wouldn’t set you back much financially, you may decide it’s not worth it.

However, you should consider the cost of the insurance vs the cost of replacing or repairing the items that are in transit.

It’s especially recommended that you cover items if they exceed a certain value. Let’s say you have some antiques or the latest flat-screen TV that set you back a few thousand pounds. Most likely, that’s worth covering.

Most removal companies are covered for liability. However, this will only cover loss or negligence that was a direct result of their actions. Often, it won’t include factors outside the removal company’s control, such as weather conditions. It will also be a fixed amount – so it’s worth checking that the value of your contents doesn’t exceed the public liability payout amount.

If you get your own insurance, you can have more of a say on the amount that is covered. Most policies will cover accidental damage or loss of items in transit.

Where can I get insurance if I’m not already covered?

A good place to start is to reach out to your current contents insurance policy provider for a quote – assuming you have one. As you’re already a loyal customer, they may offer you a better rate than competitors.

However, it’s still worth shopping around. Some removal companies partner with third party insurance providers. You can also look at price comparison websites or contact an insurance company directly for a quote.

Ready to get moving?

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