Best places to live in March: Top 5 areas

Nestled in the heart of the Fenlands, the delightful market town of March has become a popular destination for those looking for that unique blend of serene countryside living and modern convenience.

Choosing the best places to live in March can depend on a variety of factors, particularly how close you want to be to the town’s facilities, and the size and price of the property you want to move into. Below are five of the best places to live in March, and what they can offer homeowners keen to move to this market town.

Town Centre

Living in March’s town centre is the best way to make the most of the town’s local amenities, whether that’s the local shopping scene centred around the High Street and two weekly fresh-produce markets, or the array of bustling pubs and cafes. One or two-bedroom flats provide a contemporary lifestyle close to the town centre of March, with enough space for young couples and small families.

Outskirts of March

If you’re looking for something a little bit bigger, the outskirts of March has several properties with generous living areas and plenty of outdoor space; the three to four-bedroom houses just outside of the main city centre are perfect for families and professionals seeking a more peaceful environment that’s still very much within walking distance of the main hustle of bustle of the town.

Cavalry Park

The Cavalry Park neighbourhood in March is steadily increasing in popularity due to its impressive housing development and selection of stunning detached properties. This area is great for families moving to this market town since it’s within easy reach of Cavalry Primary School and Neale-Wade Academy secondary school, the latter just a stone’s throw from the magnificent St Wendreda’s Church.

Robingoodfellows Lane

For a combination of residential comfort and proximity to March’s green spaces, look no further than Robingoodfellows Lane. Like Cavalry Park, this neighbourhood is favoured by many families keen to take advantage of March’s central amenities but in a more peaceful area. Robingoodfellows Lane is also just a short walk from the town’s train station, perfect for visiting nearby areas like Cambridge and Ely.


Speaking of Ely, if you like the idea of March but would prefer living somewhere a little bit more built up, why not head to this small nearby city instead? With a picturesque surrounding area, Ely is a great choice for those interested in experiencing the beauty of the Fens but with a bit more going on than neighbour March. Ely is also very well-connected, with trains to Cambridge taking under twenty minutes, and those going to London Kings Cross averaging just over an hour.

Have you fallen in love with March?

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