How Do You Move Furniture Safely?

Moving house isn’t the easiest, especially when you go it alone. With so much furniture to move and protect where do you even begin? Luckily, our furniture moving guide is here to help! Read our quick tips on how to move your furniture safely and book your furniture removals with Reads Removals. We’ll reduce the stress and hassle!

Tip #1 Decide Where Your Furniture Will Go Next

When preparing for your move, take the time to sit down and plan where your furniture will go next in the new house. Measure your sofa, coffee table, TV stand and other pieces to ensure that they’ll fit where you want them. Decide which room each piece will occupy and leave a detailed floor plan so your home removals company knows exactly where to place your furniture when moving your belongings. 

Tip #2 Dismantle Your Furniture 

If possible, dismantle your furniture to make the moving process easier for you and your removals team. We suggest removing any drawers, legs, knobs, shelves and racks from your furniture to save space and time. 

Tip #3 Buy Furniture Slides 

Furniture slides are your best friend! Buy or create furniture slides to make moving heavy items a breeze. Furniture slides come in all shapes and sizes and truly reduce hassle and strain. If you’re moving tables and chairs across a carpet, buy hard, plastic slides. But, if you’re moving wardrobes across hard flooring, opt for soft, padded sliders instead.

Tip #4 Buy Moving Blankets 

The best way to protect your furniture from damage is to invest in high-quality moving blankets. Wrap your belongings once in moving blankets and then again in stretch film to eliminate the risk of bumps and scratches when moving your heavy items across rooms.

Don’t want to move your furniture by yourself?

Contact Reads Removals! On your removal day, we’ll bring high-quality moving blankets to your door and wrap your fridge, washing machine, sofa, beds and other large  items before moving everything into our well-equipped moving vans. We take every precaution when transferring your belongings, which is why we’re Peterborough’s trusted furniture removals company. When you reserve our top-notch removalists, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Packing materials
  • Safe packing 
  • Protection cover 
  • Organised transportation 
  • Help from a friendly team of furniture movers

Request a quote now and book your home removal with us. We’ll help you enjoy a seamless move!