Five Reasons to Relocate to Lincoln

Lincoln has a long and fascinating history, but it continues to move with the times. Ask anyone who’s lived in the city their opinion, and the resulting answer will likely be overwhelmingly positive; while it’s not quite as well-connected as cities like Peterborough, Lincoln more than makes up for that. Here are five reasons why you should consider moving there.

    1. It’s a happy place!Back in 2019, a study carried out by job listing site CV-Library found Lincoln to be the fifth-happiest place to live and work in the UK. 2,000 working professionals were surveyed, and 63% reported feeling happy every single day (59% was said to be the national average). This places Lincoln above the likes of London, Manchester, Birmingham and Belfast.
    2. Affordable house pricesDespite Lincoln’s obvious appeal, its slightly more remote location ensures house prices remain manageable. According to Yopa, they sat below the average for England in 2020.
    3. Historic surroundings – Plenty of cities boast historic architecture, but few contain so many reminders of ancient history. Lincoln’s Roman and Medieval past is clear to see, providing visitors and residents with plenty of gorgeous, captivating architecture.
    4. Access to nature – If access to green spaces is important to you, Lincoln will certainly hit the spot. A variety of country parks, gardens and cycle routes are littered across the city and on its outskirts, including the gorgeous Lincolnshire Wolds – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
    5. Outstanding schools – Lincoln is home to a number of schools which have been rated as Outstanding by Ofsted, in addition to the renowned Lincoln University. This makes it an ideal destination for those looking to start a family.

Lincoln Removals Company

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