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Top 6 Ways To Unpack Efficiently After Moving House

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If you’ve just moved house, you probably just want to collapse on a sofa with a takeaway pizza and a glass of wine or two. However there are a few things you may need to tend to first. When you’re surrounded by mountains of boxes and disassembled furniture in a new home it can feel daunting, especially if you run a busy schedule. That’s why we have a few tips up our sleeve to help you unpack more efficiently after moving house.


1. Hire an unpacking service

If the thought of unpacking all your belongings when you move fills you with dread either because you’re worried about the heavy-lifting or the time it will take to find a home for everything, you may want to consider hiring an unpacking service. At Reads Removals, we offer a complete packing and unpacking service alongside our reliable Stamford removals.


2. Start with the essentials

There will be some items you need to use the same day as you move in, such as toiletries, bed sheets, bath towels and kitchen supplies. It’s useful to start with these so you have easy access to the essentials and a stress-free first night in your new home.


From there, bigger items such as furniture should take priority as these will be the shells that house all your smaller items. Dealing with bulkier items first should also create more space and a more satisfying feeling of progress.


3. Allocate boxes to each room

Once you’ve assembled and found homes for your furniture, you can allocate the rest of your boxes to their designated rooms. Hopefully when you packed originally you methodically organised and labelled each box for specific rooms so you know at a glance where to place each one.


4. One room at a time

It can be easy to want to tackle everything at once, but this doesn’t always make for a more productive outcome. If anything it will just make you feel overwhelmed. An honest hour of unpacking each day is better than spending three hours hopping from room-to-room getting distracted by your old photo albums and childhood treasures or overthinking what you’re going to put where.


5. You know how you work best!

If you’re moving in with someone else who can help you unpack, you may feel more productive when working as a team, or you may prefer to part ways and work on separate rooms if you feel that would get more done. You may even want to blast out some motivating tunes if you feel that would boost your productivity. At the end of the day, you know how you work best and we’re sure you’ll find your unpacking rhythm.


6. Take time out to breathe

Sometimes powering through when you’ve reached a dip in motivation or when you’ve slipped into an indecisive mood is not a good idea. How many times have you taken a short break from work and had a lightbulb moment, or felt more clear-headed and ready to tackle the tasks at hand? The same applies to unpacking after you’ve moved house. Whether you’re just getting a breath of fresh air with a brisk walk, or taking time out with a cuppa, taking a break every now and then can work wonders and help you unpack more efficiently.


We hope this guide to unpacking efficiently will help you get your new abode up and running in no time!


Whether you’re in need of house removals to Stamford, Spalding, Peterborough or the surrounding areas our expert team have a wealth of experience completing removals safely and securely across Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. With our complete packing and unpacking service for a competitive price, it’s never been easier to move house. Contact us today for a free, friendly removals quote.

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