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Moving House For School: Top 5 Hassle-Free Tips

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Moving house for school is a common reason to move. However what can already be a stressful ordeal can multiply when moving house with younger children in toe. We’ve listed some simple tips to help make moving house for school that little bit easier, both for you and your children.


1. Reassure Your Children


Your children may have qualms about moving to a new school and they may not know how to communicate their worries. From worrying they may not be able to see their old school friends, to concerns that they may not like the new area or school, it’s completely normal for children to be anxious about moving house.


The best thing you can do is explain that you’re moving at least a few months in advance to give them time to prepare emotionally. If you can, show them round their new home and the local area before you move. This will help them to visualise their new life.


If they’re particularly worried about changing schools, you might even want to arrange a tour for you and your children.


2. Focus On the Positives


It’s also important to focus on the positives without ignoring their fears about moving.


It might be worth mentioning that they will be able to make new friends and point out any exciting, new things they will be able to see or do once they’ve moved.


3. Find Suitable Distractions Before and On Your Moving Day


When you’re busy packing to move home, you won’t want your children getting under your feet or making demands on your limited time. The best thing to do is find a suitable distraction to keep them occupied while you’re arranging the move. Watching films, visiting grandparents or even getting them to pack their belongings are all ways you can keep the little ones entertained or busy.


4. Try to Avoid Moving During Term Time


In an ideal world it’s best to move during the summer holiday so your children can start the year in September along with all the students. With the unpredictable nature of finding a new house, this might not be possible. But it’s recommended that you try not to move or introduce them to their new school during term time. This could disrupt their work and make it more difficult for them to catch up or settle in properly.


5. Find a Reliable Removals Company


Finding a reliable removals company can make all the difference. We pride ourselves on offering a hassle-free service that works around your schedule and have helped many families move to a new home.



At Reads Removals, we’ve helped thousands of people relocate across the UK and abroad. We’ve secured 5 star customer reviews for our friendly, professional service. Considered one of the best House Moving Companies Peterborough, if you need help moving your belongings to your new home contact us today to get your free, no obligation quote.

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