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How To Prepare Your Items For Moving Like a Pro

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Moving house? Congratulations – just think of all the hurdles you’ve jumped through to get here and how exciting it will be when you finally reach the next chapter of your life. Before you even begin to start packing up all your items, there are a few things you can do to prepare them for the big move-in day. We’re running through how to prepare your items to make packing that little bit easier.


1. Give them a clean

When you reach your new home with all your belongings, the last thing you’ll want is to open your boxes to find all your crockery is dusty, and your clothes smell musty. That’s why it’s recommended that you give everything a quick brush over or wash before packing it. That way you’ll be able to unpack without the fuss.


2. Chuck out anything that’s surplus to requirements

A house move is the perfect opportunity to have a clear out. Old, tattered, unwanted items can be thrown out, recycled, sold or donated. On top of that, throwing out items that are surplus to requirements will make packing duties that little bit lighter. In the long run, this will save you time as you’ll have less to pack. To make this task a little more manageable, it can be helpful to tackle one room at a time.


3. Estimate the volume of contents

Many removal companies will offer a free site survey to help you determine the volume of contents at your property. This will help them give you a suitable quote and ensure that you receive the right resources for the job.


4. Get the right packaging materials

Unless you have suitable packaging materials, you will struggle to get your items from A to B. That’s why it’s important to invest a little time in researching your packaging options to find what’s right for you. From making sure you have enough boxes of the right size, to ensuring you have all the necessary extras such as tape, bubble wrap and a marker pen for labelling each box clearly, we can’t stress enough how having the right packaging can be the difference between a very stressful move and a relatively smooth one.


5. Think about organising a full packing and unpacking service

Who says you even have to do any packing at all? You can in fact use a full packing and unpacking service, which does exactly what it says on the tin. The expert removal team will sweep in and place your furniture, equipment and items into boxes or straight into the back of the removal truck. Then, when they reach your new home, they will unpack everything according to your instructions.

This is the ideal option for people who are stretched for time. The only thing you would need to prepare beforehand is to research any items that your chosen removal company aren’t able to pack, such as small valuables, money, confidential documents etc.

So, there are our top pieces of advice on how to prepare your items for moving. If you’re searching for a reputable house removals company who offer both owner packing and full packing options , Reads Removals are a perfect choice. To find out more about our house removals, contact us today.

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