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How Do I Move My Stuff To University?

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Don’t have a car? Is no one available to take your belongings to university? No problem. If you’re moving away from home, perhaps a considerable distance, here’s our guide on the best way to move your belongings into your halls of residence.

If you’ve recently been accepted onto a course at university, you’re probably experiencing a mixture of excitement and nerves. Such a big opportunity can be daunting and for many, this is the first time you will have flown the nest. If you don’t have a car and your family is unable to take you, you’re probably wondering how to move your stuff to university.


Write a list

There are two types of students: those who prepare everything in advance and those who leave everything to the last minute. Over your summer break, it’s worth spending a little time thinking about all the essential items you need. If you’re not completely moving out of your parent’s home, then you can be more selective over what you take.

If you’re leaving the family home for good, you may want to declutter first so you’re only taking what you really want and need.

Many degree programs come with a list of supplies, such as books or specialist equipment. Remember to add these to your list and purchase in advance so you’re prepared.


Find a removal company

Removal companies are here to help. They should be able to tailor their service to suit your requirements. If you’re only moving enough contents to store in a bedroom, you should find a company that offers an affordable Man with Van service that can securely transport your belongings to your new abode.

They can help you move when in between university years, too.


Get packing

Here comes the fun part! You can start packing a couple of weeks before your move-in date and start thinking about the good times ahead. Remember to label your boxes and wrap anything fragile in bubble wrap.


Find a student-friendly removal company

Reads Removals are a reliable removals Lincoln company who can help move you to or from the University of Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Get your free quote with us today.

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