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Top Tips For Upscaling Your Home This New Year

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Upscaling is all about making your home look more expensive and luxurious, and the best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to make that happen. In our inspired home interiors blog, we’re revealing our top tips for upscaling your home on a budget.




Sometimes all you need is a slight rearrangement of the furniture you already have to create the appearance of more space or offer a new and improved perspective from your sofa or bed. Try several arrangements to find the one that best works for the space you have. If there are any pieces of furniture that are surplus to requirements you could sell them on or put them into storage.




If you believe in first impressions, then the exterior of your property may be a great place to start. From hanging a flower basket, to painting your door and window frames a new colour, to planting a flower bed and tidying up any weeds or rubbish from your front lawn or drive – it’s amazing how just a little lick of paint or clean-up can transform the façade of your home.


Timeless style


If you’re upscaling to move house, then one thing to bear in mind is that there are some decor styles which are considered outdated or may even put off potential buyers. Wallpaper for instance can be time-consuming to remove and if heavily patterned can make a room look darker or more cluttered. However, walls painted in neutral colours offer the perfect blank canvas for any homebuyer. Instead, you can spruce up the interior with your furnishings, paintings and other decorative objects.


Upcycle old furniture


Upcycling has never been more popular and is a great way to be simultaneously creative and eco-friendly. From varnishing and painting, to reupholstering there are plenty of things you can do to repurpose your old furniture items and turn them from slightly aged and drab to luxurious and valuable.


Let in the light


Light, especially natural light, is a beautiful thing to have in your home. Roof lights or aluminium windows are a fantastic way to bring more light into your home, but they are not exactly cheap. If you’re on a real budget you can attract more light into your home simply by using curtain tie backs or replacing curtains altogether with blinds. Using lighter colours and materials for the walls and floors will also generate the appearance of more natural light. Orchestrating your indoor lighting effectively is an effective way to improve the evening ambience in your home.


Upscaling may involve an element of decluttering, in which case our self-storage facilities offer the perfect solution with both long and short term availability.


If you are choosing to upscale your life by moving home, then you can rely on Reads Removals to get you there. We are a trusted local removal company with years of experience moving personal belongings safely and securely.


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