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Top Tips for Moving in the Winter

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As the colder season is settling in, we at Reads Removals are sharing our top tips for moving in the winter.

Choose a removal company that moves with the seasons

Finding a removal company that tailors their services to suit the season is a bonus. They will ensure your items are given sufficient cover from damper and colder conditions and will work around your schedule to ensure an efficient, stress-free move.

Protect your items from the cold

In the winter months you may need to give your items a little extra TLC. Damp, cold weather is certainly not the best condition for some items. To prevent any of your belongings becoming damaged, you should store them at a reasonable temperature. Covering boxes in blankets and not storing them directly onto a cold surface, such as a garage floor, are simple ways you can keep your personal items from suffering in the colder months.

Expect adverse weather to change your schedule

Adverse weather conditions may stall your move – the UK’s weather may be more subtle than other climes, but it certainly can be unpredictable. If there’s a heavy downpour while the removal company is transporting items from your house to their removal van, the move may take slightly longer as visibility will be reduced and certain items may need to be covered to prevent any water damage. They also may need to drive a little slower to ensure your items get from A to B in perfect condition.

If the roads are icy or covered in snow, a removal team will follow the traffic and travel advice, which may mean rescheduling your move for another day. To avoid disappointment, we recommend choosing a local removal company.

Find a winter-friendly storage facility

Should you need to hire a self-storage facility, it can be helpful to choose a company that has sufficient cover from your vehicle to their building. This means you won’t have to battle with torrential rain while transporting boxes, furniture or equipment inside.

Take care of your removal team

While it’s not essential, you’ll certainly receive extra brownie points for offering the odd hot beverage to your removal team to keep their spirits up. This is particularly welcomed for a larger removal project in winter.

Find the perfect removal company for your office removals this winter

If you’re searching for an efficient office removals company, Reads Removals are on hand to help across Peterborough, and the Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire areas.

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