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How Do I Move My Office to a New Location?

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Has your business outgrown its current space? Are you in need of office relocation services? If so, read our quick guide on how to successfully move your office location to another location with minimal confusion and stress. Follow our guide and you’re sure to have a successful move!


For a seamless office relocation be sure to:


  • Inform your customers well in advance that you’ll be moving
  • Update your company’s contact details on all platforms/documents
  • Book commercial removals outside of normal business hours


You’ll want to inform your customers well in advance that you’ll be moving. Tell them when and where you’ll be moving to either through a social media post, newsletter, email or all three! Once you’ve settled into your new location, be sure to update them again by inviting them to visit in person through the same platforms. Communication is key when moving office locations!


You’ll also want to update your company’s address and contact details on every platform, as well as company documents. This means updating your:


  • Google My Business listing
  • Contact information on your website
  • Address and contact information on your social media platforms
  • Your company business cards
  • Employees’ email signature


By doing so, you’ll eliminate any confusion for your clients when they’re looking to call you or visit for an in-person meeting.


Lastly, you’ll want to schedule commercial removals when no one is at work. Office relocations can hinder employee productivity, which is why we suggest booking your office removals outside of normal business hours. This will eliminate any distractions so business can carry on as normal.


What Office Removal Company Should I Go With?


Reads Removals, of course! Our office relocation services go unmatched, as we offer tailor-made commercial moves to match your business needs. Our commercial movers make changing office locations stress-free and “utterly brilliant” by providing a safe and secure packing and unpacking service, Whether you’re a small company or a large organisation, our team of corporate office movers will transfer your staff and their belongings quickly and safely. Request a quote to see how cost-effective our office relocation services can be and book your corporate move today. We’re the Peterborough removal company you can trust!

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