What Can You Not Put In Self-Storage?

Self storage units are extremely useful and versatile. You can store pretty much anything you want inside, from furniture to collectibles and appliances to paperwork. Both businesses and individuals use self storage services for all kinds of different reasons – it’s no wonder the industry is growing in size here in the UK.

But, like virtually every other industry out there, the self storage sector has safety concerns to bear in mind. Each storage provider has a responsibility to its staff and customers to keep their facility as safe as possible. After all, if a fire was to break out or harmful substances were to leak from a storage unit, thousands of pounds’ worth of damage could be caused – not to mention the risk of injury to employees, customers and visitors.

Prohibited items

One way storage providers do their bit to look after the safety of their facility is by placing limitations on which items you can store inside.

1st Access Self Storage, our storage partner in Peterborough, prohibits the following items from its units:

  • Food or perishable goods: Unless these are very securely packed, they may attract vermin – so if you’re unsure about the type of packaging required, contact us.
  • Any living creatures, including birds, fish or other animals.
  • Liquids such as gas, paint, petrol, oil or cleaning solvents: These are combustible or flammable, and present a significant risk in the event of a fire. Likewise, firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition are also prohibited.
  • Chemicals, radioactive materials and biological agents, as they also present a risk to our facilities and customers. Similarly, toxic waste, asbestos or other harmful materials are not permitted.
  • Items which emit fumes or a strong smell.
  • Substances, items or goods which are illegal to possess or have been obtained illegally.
  • Compressed gases, as they could cause an explosion if a fire was to break out.

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We hope that answers your questions about prohibited items – but if you’re still not sure what you can and can’t store, please don’t hesitate to check with us.

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