3 Tips To Prepare For House Viewings

If you’re planning a house move this year, one of your many considerations has to be house viewings: how are you going to present your home in the best possible light when prospective buyers come knocking?

Depending on your home and its current state, there are all manner of measures you can take to improve its appearance inside and out. But instead of bombarding you with suggestions, we’ve decided to select three standout ideas that are sure to make your home shine.

Give your home a thorough clean

The perfect starting point is to thoroughly deep clean your home from floor to ceiling, tackling any pesky cobwebs, fluff and dust as you go. If there’s one thing guaranteed to improve the look and feel of a home, it’s keeping it clean – and prospective buyers will notice if it’s grubby.

Pay particular attention to the kitchen, bathroom and any en suites or additional toilets if you have them. Buyers will want to imagine themselves using each room, so if they’re not clean, many will likely be put off.

Neaten up your garden(s)

If your front and back gardens have become a little overgrown or untidy, now is the perfect time to neaten them up a bit. Do a spot of pruning, trim the grass, move some plant pots around – maybe even slap some paint on the fences. All of this stuff will help your home appeal to buyers.

The importance of your front garden shouldn’t be underestimated – if it looks untidy from the roadside, potential buyers will often be less willing to book a viewing in the first place.

Get rid of unnecessary clutter

As much as you may like your possessions and collectibles, others may not – and having lots of clutter can make it harder for people to appreciate the space your home has to offer. Don’t worry – you don’t have to sell anything. You can always use self storage as a temporary home for your belongings until you relocate.

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